MEMOLA: Campaña de excavación Lanteira. Septiembre-octubre 2014

Last September an archaeological excavation was carried out in the area of the Jarafi in the village of Lanteira, in Granada. Two months of works have served to unearth interesting remains of one of the two historical quarters of the villages, which had been previously located thanks to the concentration of surface pottery fragments. These two quarters probably are the two qaryas (small villages) of Benizahala and Benalaque, which are documented in written sources. According to these sources, these qaryas were abandoned in the 12th century, when the castle of the Barrio was erected. From then on, population would concentrate in the castle. In the excavation remains of houses, four grain stores and the cemeterial area were documented.

During the campaign people from the villages around visited frequently the excavation and showed much interest in the works and in the past of the area. The site was also presented to several primary and secondary schools of the region.

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