Who we Are

We are a group of archeologists and professionals dedicated to heritage studies, based in Granada, in the southeast of Spain. Our company consists of experienced professionals from various disciplines, all of them specialized in heritage management.

Our objectives are the protection, identification and organization of sustainable solutions for our cultural heritage.

Our work focuses on archaeological interventions and our main area of work cover the medieval and Islamic periods, but our team has participated in projects around the world, from Siberia to Italy and the United Kingdom, in deposits dating from the Paleolithic period until the 20th century. This extensive experience allows us to offer a wide range of archaeological services and asset management that will satisfy the needs of our customers, both in the public and private fields, and inside and outside our country.

At Arqueoandalusí we believe that the historical heritage is not only found in major monuments, but also the landscape that surrounds us locks up a past that must be known, protected and preserved. It must therefore be considered a historic element that can be analysed archaeologically. We believe that the dissemination of the knowledge of all the cultural heritage that surrounds us constitutes a fundamental piece in the conservation and protection of the same.

 Arqueoandalusí Arqueología y Patrimonio S.L.